Soccer Reform- A Chat With Ted Westervelt

I knew very little about Ted Westervelt before chatting with him today. I can assure you of one thing, though. Ted is at the forefront of the American soccer revolution. Twitter is his preferred battlefield and extremely well-crafted one liners are his weapons.  

Ted is the leader, the voice, of a grassroots movement here in the United States aiming to "change the way American club soccer does business." Plain and simple. Ted uses words like captivity, isolation, and entitlement to describe the current professional league format here in the United States. He's an American soccer history buff with knowledge of current happenings as well as details from our two-fed system of the late 1800's.

I've been a follower of Ted on Twitter for awhile now, and agree with what he is saying, but I have never taken the time to do the massive amount of research that he has done. I wanted to reach out and have him explain some of the issues to me and share our conversation with you. If you're a youth soccer coach, you must begin to understand how the United States Soccer Federation and Major League Soccer are making an impact on you and the players that you are training. We briefly touch on subjects that could be discussed for weeks. I encourage you to follow Ted on Twitter and search through his archives of Tweets, YouTube videos, and blog posts, and follow some others like him to get a better understanding of the biggest problem in American soccer.

Without further adieu... I give you Ted Westervelt.