Implementing a club-wide philosophy [PODCAST]

Implementing a club-wide philosophy was the topic, and title, of youth soccer coach Christopher Cramer's first blog post. It was only fitting that I interviewed Chris and used that subject for my very first podcast.

Christopher Cramer is the Director of Coaching of TFA Barcelona in Oregon. Christopher also holds a B.S. in Exercise Science, and is currently pursuing his Master of Arts in Teaching. He has traveled to Spain on multiple occasions to study FC Barcelona and their youth academy. Christopher has also coached at the collegiate and high school level in addition to the club circuit in Oregon.

What you're about to hear is Christopher explaining his reasoning behind changing his entire clubs identity. You'll hear him explain some of the non-negotiable factors when it comes to instilling this new style club-wide. Most importantly, you'll hear about the benefits, for both players and coaches, and why having a common philosophy and methodology throughout the entire club is so important.

Please note- Christopher is a little hard to hear at times. You may need to increase your volume slightly to catch all of his excellent points. I apologize for the audio quality. This was a test run, but the content was too good to just toss in the trash.

Thank you, Toph. And good luck to you and your club!

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