Exploring the Development Academy [podcast]

**DISCLAIMER** This blog is my way of exploring the world of football. I'm here to question things and facilitate conversations that spark progression. I don't know everything.

With that said, today I conducted a Skype call with fellow football enthusiast Jon Townsend. Jon was a decorated youth player here in the United States and spent time at the IMG Academy as well as playing Division 1 NCAA soccer. Jon also in played youth soccer in Europe.

Jon and I briefly, and I mean briefly, touched on some topics revolving around the Development Academy, as well as some other things in USSF, NCAA, MLS, and even talked about our Canadian neighbors to north for a minute.

Jon is a football writer. Connect with him on Twitter by searching: @jon_townsend3 or find his work on thesefootballtimes.net (@thesefootytimes) or his own blog farpostfooty.com.

Here's the podcast: