Understanding Possession Soccer [PODCAST]

This podcast series, if you haven't figured out already, is a bit different than your typical morning talk radio. This isn't locker room gossip. This isn't transfer news. These are real stories from people on the front lines, whether it be grassroots training in Chicago, or in today's case, Senior level in Spain.

Originally from Glasgow, UEFA A licensed Coach Kieran Smith now resides in Madrid, Spain. In this podcast he tells us a little bit about his journey and how he arrived at where he is at today as a professional coach at the Senior level with AD Parla 'B'.

Kieran recently wrote an article titled "How To Coach Possession Football" which sparked me to reach out and pick his brain. While it's nearly impossible to encapsulate all aspects of possession soccer in a one hour phone call, Kieran does help us understand a bit more about possession soccer by discussing some major themes in developing a team to play this style via the use of pattern play, rondos, and even a little bit about how him and staff approach the daily, weekly, and monthly planning for the squad.

You can find Kieran on Twitter: @KieranSmith1

His presentation on rondos can be found here: How To Use Spains Secret Weapon