Slipping Through The Cracks [PODCAST]

Sean Monaghan is a youth soccer coach in Oregon, by way of Southern California, with a very different and progressive outlook on our domestic game. Sean has had many life experiences that have helped shape his view. In this podcast, Sean and I discuss a variety of topics, although our intention was to focus on players (and coaches) slipping through the cracks of the United States soccer set up.

There is a lot more that needs to be said about this topic. Here are some of the major takeaways from my conversation with Sean:

-What does the pipeline of player development and progression really look like here in the U.S.?

(Rec -> Club -> Academy -> YNT -> NCAA -> Professional)

-What is your clubs goal for it's players? Are they done as soon as they leave your club? Are you sending them to an academy? Or to the professional ranks? How has your club defined this path?

-What is the underlying problem preventing us from setting up a clear and defined player pipeline?

While Sean and I hit on a bunch of different things, I'd like you guys to focus on what you or you're club are doing to help your players get through the pipeline and not fall through the cracks.

You can find Sean on Twitter: @futbolconlapausa