It Can't Be Done Overnight [PODCAST]

The title for this post is something that you'll hear coach Paul Holocher say during our talk. And it's true. So true.

Paul is coach with a well-documented past. A former NCAA player who also played professionally here in the United States and in Europe, who then turned to coaching when he retired from playing around the age of 30. Former head coach of the University of California- Santa Cruz and most recently head coach at California Polytechnic University- San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly-SLO), Paul is now preparing himself for a move to Hawaii to take on a new role and help build the youth club Maui United.

During my interview with Paul, he tells me about his recent experiences in Europe, mainly in Spain and Holland, not as a player, but as a student of the game as he began taking annual trips just several years ago. He spent time studying at La Masia in Barcelona and stood beside Dutch assistant coach Frans Hoek in Holland.

He explains to me why he decided to start taking these trips, and how he took what he learned and implemented a new style of play with his Cal Poly team. Although it was not easy, and it did not happen overnight, Paul believes in this style of play, and believes that it's worth it.