The 3four3 [R]evolution w/ Gary Kleiban

Revolutionary people are few and far between these days. Why would anyone put themselves out there for criticism in this cruel and ugly world for little to no reward? Why would anyone want to be different? It takes balls. But more importantly- it requires a vision. And Gary Kleiban, founder of, has a vision. 

What is it? Dog eat dog!

The theme Gary kept circling back to in our hour long conversation was accountability. Why? That is the only way to promote pushing the envelope. The only way to achieve excellence is by holding feet to the fire. By putting himself out there via his blog, social media outlets, and podcasts like mine, Gary is holding his own feet to the fire. 

Listen to him as he discusses the beginning and evolution of the 3four3 product that is continuing to change the landscape of U.S. Soccer, as well as working alongside his brother Brian and what they are doing to smash through some of the road blocks as they try to reach the absolute highest level of this sport. 

Twitter: @3four3