It's Noon on a Monday.

Around this time, I've had my morning coffee and a small bite to eat. I've surfed some of the waves on internet. By now I've had a million things come and go in this manic mind of mine. I'm lucky to have done anything truly productive. So I decided to change that and write some quick thoughts. 

Today there is one theme that has reappeared several times already. And must I remind you, it's only noon on a Monday. 

Some call it 'guided discovery'. Some call it coaching. I call it criminal.

A conversation was had recently with a parent about a particular player on his daughters club team. By far, the smartest, and in my opinion, best player on the team.

She is the conductor to the orchestra.

But she isn't coached. She is expected to conduct with no direction.

Part of the conversation I had with this parent was that it's criminal that this conductor isn't being taught. She is the best player on her team, therefore she is left alone to work her magic while other players reap the rewards of having a creative mind pulling the strings in the center of the field. This conductor is left to do as she pleases. Quite simply because the coach does not know how to coach her.

This, my friends, is a problem.

And maybe I'll jump back on here tomorrow around noon and discuss how I'd solve this problem.