The Network.

As you probably know, the networks you belong to have massive influence on what opportunities are open and closed in the [soccer] world.

The more you network and communicate with others the more opportunities you will have.

Several years ago I attended an entrepreneur conference with my Business 101 class that I was taking at the local college. There, I had a chance to listen a self-made millionaire speak about a unique technique he used as a young, new business owner. He said, "Never be afraid to ask a millionaire to lunch." 

That advice stuck with me. 

To my knowledge, I've never had lunch with a millionaire but, I have had lunch with some pretty amazing people. Better yet, I've had interactions, conversations, and connections with people who have opened many new doors. 

Start building your network. And start building it now! Don't be anonymous. Don't be a silent follower. Don't be afraid to ask a millionaire to lunch.