Dre Cordero Podcast + Show Notes

This is a serious soccer podcast. It has been made clear that we are not here to gossip about transfer rumors or waste your time. This is a nuts and bolts show. 

So you might be wondering why we'd bring on a guest like Andres Cordero, a broadcaster on beIN Sport, to talk to coaches? Well, it's simple. Dre has interacted with some of the most respected soccer minds and covered some of the worlds best games. He might not be the one pulling the strings from the sideline, but he watches and reports with a different style than many of the others out there. He is a big reason I tune into beIN Sport for soccer information instead of those bogus shows like Guys In Suits or whatever it's called.

Dre first caught my attention a couple of years back when he briefly mentioned the Chivas USA youth academy during one of his segments. As you'll hear me say in the podcast, my ears perked up, and I began to listen a bit more carefully to Dre as he had just scored major points by talking about a youth team on a professional soccer show. Bravo, sir!

During my chat with Dre we discussed his time covering the two World Cups, two Copa America's, and his interactions with some of the worlds top coaches. He also gives us some suggestions on which teams to keep our eye on in La Liga this year and tells us why La Liga is in fact the best league in the world at this moment! Plus... much more!


-Shortly after hanging up I sent him a message saying that I feel like I could have gotten more out of him if I would just dug a bit deeper. Totally my fault! But now I'm passing the baton to the 3four3 network! Find Dre on Twitter (@drecordero) and continue the conversation. Ask him some follow up questions. Grill this guy! You have my permission. (sorry, Dre)

-Look for Steve Amoia for some very valuable translations of excellent soccer content. You can find him on Twitter (@worldfootballcm) and from there link to his website. 

-I am working on putting together more information about "la pausa" for everyone. I had mistakenly said that there is a 3four3 blog post that discusses the topic. I was wrong. Thinking back now, I believe it was just a piece of a conversation that I had with Gary Kleiban at some point over the last few years. I'll do my best to come up with something soon and post it.