Ted Talks... And We Should Listen.

If you follow Ted Westervelt (@soccerreform) on Twitter, you know he has a lot to say.

The problem with Twitter is that it's limiting. And when any topic is restrained, value can sometimes be lost. But when the format changes from 140 characters to unlimited spoken words... all of the sudden things start to look, and sound, differently.

About a year ago I spoke with Ted for the first time. It was quite shocking to find out just how much information he has on demand. Each question asked received several minutes worth of detailed answers. The second time we spoke was no different. Both very good experiences that I learned a lot from.

While in San Diego for the 3four3 Winter Player Camp, I broke away for an hour to Skype with Ted. Honestly, it was a bit of a bait and trap. Gary really wanted Ted on as a guest. Ted really wanted Gary to join him on the show. So I set it up that Gary was actually in the room with me as I recorded, along with Joey Cascio, but neither participated in the conversation. It was just Ted and I.

(My next mission is to actually get them both on at the same time.) 

So what did Ted and I talk about this time? A lot.

Promotion and relegation is the hottest topic in American soccer, by far. Evidenced by the fact that the mainstream media folk are now mentioning it just to stir up interest in whatever other bullshit topics they're trying to talk about on their platforms.

Ted and I spent our time discussing little bits about a number of topics. So many topics that Ted agreed to come back on the show in the future to dive much deeper into some of the things we discussed. So start here, and expect more in the future.